IJIRSES Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

International Journal of Innovative Research in Sciences and Engineering Studies (IJIRSES) accepts the papers in word (.doc) format. We invite the papers from all authors of Sciences and Engineering Technology.

Guidelines to authors:
Papers are to be submitted to editor@ijirses.com should be in word (.doc) format.

Please download the IJIRSES Template

The article must follow the below format.

Title of the article
Author’s affiliation (i.e.name, designation, department, college, country)
Abstract and Keywords
Related work
Scope of research
Methodology and discussion

Reviewer Guidelines:

Reviewers play an extremely important role in peer review process. IJIRSES greatly appreciate reviewers for volunteering their time and expertise to review the submitted articles.

Our journal IJIRSES performs the blind reviews for papers, so the identity of every reviewer is protected. And reviewers must treat the articles as confidential documents, which should not be shown to or discussed with the others except with the authors permission.

If you’re interested kindly send your resumes to editor@ijirses.com (Ph.D. holders are qualified to apply for reviewers).

Peer Review Process:

International Journal of Innovative Research in Sciences and Engineering Studies (IJIRSES) follows a double blind peer review process (Both the reviewer and the author are anonymous), to ensure editorial decision making. The peer review process for journal publication is essentially a quality control mechanism. Peer review is the system used to assess the quality of a manuscript before it is published.

In this peer review process the reviewer will analyze the submitted research work from every angle like originality, quality, standards, technical content, documentation, and significance to the journals scope.

The review report may result in any one of the following suggestions, depend on the quality of submission.

  1. Accept for immediate publication
  2. Accept with minor corrections/Accept with major changes
  3. Reject

If reviewer suggest minor/major corrections, then the author has to correct the article according to comments in review. And send it back the revised article within given time for smooth publishing process.